In any case, they

In any case, they Tell me, than from while in today's man which grows and develops much more intensively, from a man who lived years ago, when the marriage conclusion started at an early age?

I think that in this way we will let our children to avoid possible unnecessary links and problems.

In any case, they come together in Swazi Why to give all be manifested demon control?

The best is to give children a good education and to organize their lives so that they know what is truly important to theM. I see that the children whom we are training in the methodology of integral education, anywhere we are not run away.

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The conversation

The conversation And then all the time about to sozdat with them is that every lived these themes inside and told another, as he feels, as he understands.

This is a learning process.

After all, we are talking about early school age.

And how it will look like this lesson?

Just as a conversation.

The conversation between them and the teacher.

I wouldn't even to call him a teacher, because it relates to education, and not to the Professor to give.

Now, he has to sit in a circle with the children, explaining them, smo one third of them slides, films, led them to the museums, the zoo, the planetariuM. Other words, the whole process of education in this age must go outside school, in the living world.

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Mozhno to use poems

Mozhno to use poems Children independently open boxes perhaps, overcoming in the beginning some obstacles to untie a bow, to undo lock and so forth, consider also compare fruit.

Fruit for tasting slice, divide into segments.

mozhno to use poems And it is our pear In brown freckles.

Pear sweet, big On a plate I will put.

I one will not eat Who loves fruit here?

To us tender yablonka Sent apples All children I will treat, I will pass nobody!

The figurative toy will help to answer questions, to adjust communication Goodnatured fatty Supervision for the sea mumps To induce children to supervision for the sea mumps.

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His heart

His heart The young man long watched the leaving birds, and when they disappeared from the sight, lifted from the earth an empty leather bag also it was let in a way back.

His heart exulted, feet rushed easily, from lips by itself the cheerful song flew.

But the closer it approached native places, the is more increasing seized it bitter thought and repentance restricted more and more breast.

Who granted to me the right to dispose on the whim of the stranger wealth?

Whether I volunteered to put a garden?

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We talked

We talked We talked about it the need to develop the habit, about conversations with the child, about the authority of ro the managers.

We talked about the fact that if we want to achieve something, you should treat this consistently and not to change my attitude, otherwise the child will feel the gap between your attitude today before, he 't understand what you want from him, and he will be right.

As smoothly and gradually, as the baby grows, we must build and its education.

We talked about the boys that need to study in groups of up to person age, about girls available for larger groups, because what they perceive society differently than boys.

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